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Maple Leaf Design began in 1995 as a cottage industry with a passion for building state-of-the-art radio controlled sailplanes. The team consists of Don Peters and Phil Pearson with over 75 years of combined experience in composite design and construction.

The company's mission is to build the absolute best sailplane models possible. Our design process starts with computer-modeled performance prediction. Airfoils, planforms and moments are then computer-designed and optimized to fit the computer model.

Most parts are built in molds taken from CNC (computer numeric controlled) machined master patterns. All masters, molds and parts are hand-built in the United States using the finest materials available. Our planes are thoroughly field-tested for flight performance and durability. They include comprehensive owner's manuals to assure accurate building and flight setup.

Maple Leaf Design is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of high quality radio control sailplane models in the world. We're pushing the envelope so our clients can fly and enjoy better sailplanes.


The Royale is a major development in F3J technology. Starting with Mark Drela's proven design work and extensive computer modeling by Dave Beardsley, the CNC-cut tooling delivers incredibly accurate airfoils and excellent fit and finish. Major design improvements include drag and weight reduction while still maintaining a stiff and strong airframe.

The wing is based on our proprietary spar system, a pressure-molded, fully wrapped hollow box section using UHM carbon spar caps. It is one of the lightest and strongest spars in use today. Our standard wing build includes painted carbon skins delivering planes weighing approximately 1,900 gm all-up. We can also build a lighter version using very light carbon skins with naked carbon bottoms, rear fuse and fin delivering planes weighing close to 1670 gm all-up. In both cases the spars are the same, so the lighter version is still suitable for all around competition.

The removable rudder and horizontal stab are film covered open bay structures joined to high modulus carbon D-box fronts. This is a proven system that has survived multiple World Championship seasons.

The front of the fuse is constructed of Kevlar and S glass transitioning to several weights and styles of carbon, all pressure molded to form a stiff, void-free structure that is 2.4 friendly.

The plane is delivered complete with carbon pushrods, wiring harness, removable ballast system and servo tray, all works installed. Finishing requires only servo and radio installation.

The price is $2,795 complete. Add $180 for ultra light wings. We can ship two planes in one box for a significant cost savings, especially when shipping outside the US. Padded Mylar covers for the wing and empennage are $100. These are designed to to protect the plane in storage and also while is is assembled at the field.

For further information or to place an order, please call Don Peters at 520-465-6420.

Technical Specifications:

Wing Span

4.00 m (158")

Wing Area

88 dm.² (1,365 in.²)

Aspect Ratio



Mark Drela's AG series


Mark Drela

Horizontal Stab

8.1 dm² (125 in²)

Vertical Stab

5.3 dm² (82 in²)

Length Overall

1,855 mm (73 in.)

Flying Weight

1,670 - 1,900 gm (63.5 - 69 oz)








Wing Tip Colors

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If you are interested in ordering a Royale or have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

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